Zaheer Ahmad



(B.A. LL.B. M.A. LL.M)

Member of Lincoln’s Inn

Zaheer Ahmad is a self-employed barrister authorised to conduct litigation under public/direct access scheme. He is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. 

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Mr. Ahmad has been founder and Principal Solicitor of REGENTS & CO. SOLICITORS (SOLICITOR-ADVOCATE) Limited.  He established the firm in 2007. He was Solicitor-Advocate of Supreme Courts of England & Wales and Commissioner of Oath. He was called to English Bar in 2011 and is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. If you instruct him, you will not have to instruct Solicitor as Mr. Ahmad can seek instructions from you directly without need of a Solicitor as can argue your case in any court up to Supreme Court of England & Wales in Civil law matters including Immigration Law.


1- LL.B. in 1997

2- LL.M in 2001 (Human Rights Law, International Law, and Comparative study of Western Jurisdiction with Islamic Jurisdiction and labour Laws).

3- SOLICITOR in 2007


5- BAR-AT-LAW in 2011 from LINCOL’S INN

Experience as Judge



Advocacy Experience

1- BARRISTER (2019)


3- SOLICITOR (2007-2011)



Teaching Experience




Mr Ahmad qualified as Advocate in Pakistan in 1997 and enrolled as Advocate High Courts of Pakistan in 2001.He was selected as Civil Judge, Family Judge cum Judicial Magistrate in Pakistan in 2002. He migrated to London in 2005 after resignation from his judicial post and received qualified as solicitor in 2007 and supervised law firm since then and he obtained the Higher Rights qualification in Civil Advocacy in 2011. He transferred himself as Barrister in 2011 and obtained exemption from pupillage and working under barrister for three years on the basis of his experience of running law firm as Solicitor-Advocate which he did until 2019 and experience in judiciary of Pakistan. In 2019, He applied his first practicing certificate as self-employed Barrister with authorisation to conduct litigation under Public Access Scheme. He was selected as Additional District & Sessions Judge in 2020 in Pakistan where he served for 2 years as a trial court and appellate court and decided criminal cases of serious nature i.e. Murder, Rape, Narcotics, Ransom, and hearing appeals against the decisions Civil Judges, Family Judges and Judicial Magistrates. He is capable of dealing with Immigration, Family law, Civil Litigation Matters including contractual disputes, employment matters.


Mr Ahmad has vast and extensive experience in all fields of law mentioned before. He has expertise to deal with the most complicated cases in Immigration & Asylum Law from making initial applications to obtaining last minute telephonic injunctions from the High Court & Court of Appeal as Solicitor-Advocate in emergency to stop last time deportation. He has capacity to argue applications for injunctions before the Lords in High Court and Court of Appeal after working hours and on Saturdays & Sundays.

He has ability to prepare your case as without need of a solicitor and present and argue the case as barrister in all kinds of Immigration, Civil, Property, Employment, & Family Law cases up to the Court of Appeal.

He has won thousands of complicated cases in immigration & asylum matters starting from Home Office to the highest level of courts in England & Wales. He is well abreast of the English Judicial System.

He appears regularly in Court of Appeal, High Court and Immigration Tribunals in immigration cases. He appears in County Courts in Civil & Family Cases.

He can not appear in Magistrate Courts in Criminal Defence cases or can instruct Barristers & QC in Crown Courts, High Court & Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in complicated criminal cases. He recently conducted bail application himself in conspiracy to murder case and instructed Queen’s Counsel in Crown Court when he was working as Solicitor-Advocate. Currently, he can only act in civil cases and shall conduct criminal after he gets practicing license in criminal litigation too.

Important Cases

There is a long list of cases but following are distinctive in nature.


In September 2023, a recent deportation matter, Mr Ahmad successfully restrained the removal of an Albanian Client who was detained. He had exhausted all his appeal rights but due to fresh representations, not only removal directions were cancelled but also he was released from detention.

In June 2023, another complicated immigration matter, mother was helped to obtain visa in the UK on the basis of her child.


Mr Ahmad made application for stay of deportation in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.


CO REF: C8/2016/1650

In a recent appeal to the Court of Appeal against refusal of application for Judicial Review by the Upper Tribunal (Equal to High Court) in a long battle against removal due to alleged deception by client in submitting the English Test, Mr Ahmad forced the Secretary of State (Home Office) to withdraw and remake the decision.

In a recent appeal to the Court of Appeal against refusal of the Upper Tribunal (Equal to High Court), Mr Ahmad obtained last minute injunction restraining the UKBA from removing our client to Pakistan who is father of the two children who were being separated and being left behind with their mother and the wife of the client unlawfully in an asylum case.

In an appeal to the Court of Appeal in an asylum case C5/2012/2204, Mr Ahmad has won appeal against the Upper Tribunal’s decision to accept the appeal of Home Office in an asylum case of a family from Pakistan who was in need of international protection due to fear of honour killing. UKBA also paid the cost of the client in the appeal.

In an appeal to the Court of Appeal in case number C4/2012/0110, Mr Ahmad obtained last minute injunction from Lord Justice in the Court of Appeal on Sunday over the phone to stop deportation of a client who had indefinite leave to remain but was being deported due to his criminal record.


In many cases, when the clients were being removed or deported and they contacted the firm, Mr. Ahmad successfully made applications to the High Court & Court Appeal on telephone as Advocate and obtained stay order (Injunction) stopping Home Office from removing the clients.

In a recent JR claim number CO/6710/2013, Mr. Ahmad, after filing JR, forced the UKBA to review their decision when they earlier refused to review our request to change their decision not to grant visa to a failed refugee to live in the UK after marriage with British citizen and their point was that he should apply from Afghanistan but after filing JR they withdrew the earlier decision and reviewed the decision and granted him 2 years’ leave to remain after which he can apply for ILR as spouse of British national. This is a landmark success. They also had to pay the cost for JR in the sum of £3600/-.

In a JR claim, Mr Ahmad obtained not only injunction form High Court stopping the UKBA to remove a woman facing domestic violence at the hands of her husband and in laws but also got released her on bail.

In a JR claim number CO/2647/2012, Mr Ahmad obtained the releases of unlawfully detained client and recovered costs from UKBA in the sum of £8000/-. He was student and was alleged to have made application for extension on the basis of the forged CAS letter.

In a JR claim number CO//2011, Mr Ahmad obtained an injunction form High Court restraining the UKBA from removing a failed asylum seeker on the basis of his family life in the UK

In 3 JR claim numbers CO//2011, Mr Ahmad successfully applied for injunction and obtained of appeal in all three cases of 3 brothers who had established family life in the UK.

In a JR Claim number CO/8065/2010, Mr Ahmad got injunction at the eleventh hour to stop the removal of an Afghani client who was failed asylum seeker on the basis of the legacy scheme. He was also released from immigration detention thereafter.

In a JR Claim number CO/625/2010, Mr Ahmad sought injunction in the last minute  to stop UKBA from removing a client to Afghanistan and obtained his release.

In a JR claim number CO/7855/2010, Mr Ahmad obtained mandatory injunction against UKBA to grant ILR to our client and also obtained cost order.

In a JR claim number CO//2010, Mr Ahmad got injunction against the UKBA stopping them to remove our client who had British partner and was pregnant with his baby. He was released thereafter from immigration detention as well.

In a JR claim number CO//2010, Mr Ahmad obtained mandatory injunction from High Court directing the Home Office to issue ILR under 10 years residence.

In a JR claim number CO//2010, Mr Ahmad obtained injunction from the High Court stopping the Home Office from removing our client who married here after overstaying. He was also released from detention.

In a JR Claim number CO//2009, Mr Ahmad sought declaration from the High Court against refusal of the UKBA from issuing HSMP approval letter and also recovered cost of the application from them.

In a JR claim number CO//2009, Mr Ahmad got injunction from the High Court against UKBA from removing a client who was travelling on forged visa. He not only obtained her release from immigration detention but also got leave to remain in the UK.

In a JR Claim number CO//2009, Mr Ahmad obtained applied successfully to the High Court seeking order against the immigration Officer removing a student who was allegedly working more than the authorised hours.He was also released from the detention.

In a JR claim number Co//2008, Mr Ahmad obtained last minute injunction from the High Court over the phone stopping a woman client who after facing domestic violence at the hands of her husband and in laws and was being removed unlawfully. She was granted ILR within 1 year contrary to normal 2 years period.

In a JR claim number CO//2008Mr Ahmad successfully stopped the removal of 70 years old father who was visiting his son in the UK and he allegedly was staying in the UK for slightly less than six months on each visit while leaving the UK for a week or so. The decision of Immigration was turned down on appeal.


In a disciplinary action by General Dental Council, UK against a doctor, Mr. Ahmad successfully defended a dentist and she was just reprimanded although there was strong evidence against her.


Mr. Ahmad has successfully made many applications for permission to appeal (formerly known as review applications) against the decisions of immigration judges.

CASE NO. HU/12337/2018

In an application for permission to apply for appeal to the Upper Tribunal against refusal of appeal against refusal of grant of indefinite leave to remain in the UK to our client who is a partner of a British citizen, Mr Ahmad successfully applied for permission to appeal the decision on immigration grounds and it has been accepted and she has been granted settlement.

In an application for permission to apply for appeal to the Upper Tribunal against refusal of grant of full leave to remain in the UK to our client who is a partner to a British citizen and was granted leave to remain under human rights grounds, Mr. Ahmad successfully applied for permission to appeal the decision on immigration grounds and it has been accepted.


Important immigration appeal allowed against refusal of spouse visa due to custodial sentence… Mr Ahmad (solicitor-Advocate) successfully argued the principle of double jeopardy that It was not appropriate for there to be double jeopardy if the appellant had already paid the price for his crime.
Mr. Ahmad has won many appeals in immigration tribunals against the decisions of Home Office refusing indefinite stay, unlawful long residence applications, asylum, visa as visitor, spouse, students, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 & Tier 5. He also has expertise in European Family visas and marriage problems.